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ICBC was flooded with online and phone call bookings for road tests as the crown corporation reopened for class 5 and 7 road testing on Monday.

Testing had been temporarily suspended since March 17, 2020 due to restrictions around COVID-19.

Online bookings for road testing officially reopened at midnight Monday evening, and the system was quickly overwhelmed.

“Our website only permits a certain number of people to book their road test at the same time,” Joanna Linsangan, a spokesperson for ICBC, said in an interview with Victoria Buzz.

“As of 3 o’clock yesterday 18,000 people had booked a new class 5 or 7 road test.”

She says that in a typical month ICBC books around 20,000 people for these types of road tests.

Additional staff have been hired to help in the call centre, as well as 38 new temporary examiners with up to 100 more on the way.

Linsangan says she recognizes the frustration of customers who found themselves unable to book through the website or phones.

She adds that customers can help speed up wait times by following COVID-19 guidelines for road testing, including ensuring their vehicle is clean and wearing a mask.

“We’re asking for your patience but also that you be as prepared as possible for your road test,” Linsangan said.

“We want to set our customers up for success.”

In Victoria proper, current wait times for class 5 and 7 road tests are approximately 50 days. Two new examiners have been hired in Nanaimo, and one new examiner in Victoria.

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