Brick Truck
(photo courtesy Rick Coles)

A delivery truck for Brick furniture collided with a railway bridge in Shawnigan Lake late Thursday morning, tearing the roof of the vehicle off.

The bridge, located near the intersection of Recreation Rd and Shawnigan Lake Rd, was undamaged except for some bent signage on the side of the collision.

Shawnigan Lake Fire Chief Keith Shields told Victoria Buzz that there were no injuries in the crash and the driver was able to move the vehicle to the side of the road by the time crews arrived.

He says the truck’s aluminum roof was completely destroyed in the accident.

“It peeled like a tin can,” Shields said.

The Fire Chief says that the driver wasn’t familiar with the area and may have missed warning lights directing low-clearance vehicles away from the bridge.

Shields says the area has seen prior accidents of a similar nature.

He estimates that his department is called out to incidents involving the bridge once or twice a year, but adds that they aren’t always notified since injuries are rare.

Shields adds that while drivers of RVs, semi trucks and other large vehicles need to be aware of obstructions, it is equally important for other drivers to be cautious around accident scenes.

“Pay attention to the road. Don’t be taking photos.”