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One of the most famous British Columbians has answered our Premier’s plea for help in classic Deadpool style.

With rising COVID-19 cases in recent weeks being attributed to people in their 20s and 30s attending large parties, Premier John Horgan called on Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogan to get in touch with him and help spread the message that large gatherings help spread the virus.

“Minister Dix and I have been talking about the importance of making sure that younger demographics are hearing the message. This is a call out to Deadpool right now,” said Horgan at a press briefing earlier this week.

“Ryan, we need your help up here. Get in touch with us…Seth Rogen and other outstanding British Columbians, we need to communicate with people who aren’t hearing us. The two of you alone could help us in that regard.”

Just two days later, Reynolds responded with an audio message on Twitter with the caption “Called your office. Left a message.”

In his well-known comedic style, the B.C.-born Hollywood star started his message by denying that he could actually be of help.

“I don’t think they want medical advice from guys like me… No sir. Unless it’s plastic surgery which…a lot of people don’t know this but I used to be Hugh Jackman,” says Reynolds.

But he goes on to bring up some excellent points like how young people partying is dangerous, that thousands of young people are dying for coronavirus, and that it affects the most vulnerable populations.

“B.C. is home to some of the coolest older people on earth, I mean David Suzuki. He lives there! And my mom,” he adds.

Reynolds goes on to talk about his mom’s prospective cougar exploits on Kitsilano beach, before getting back to the point.

“I hope that young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom, frankly, or David Suzuki, or each other. Let’s not kill anyone, I think that’s reasonable.”

He ends his ingenious message with an example of his kind of party: sitting alone in a room with a glass of gin and the “first 32 seasons of Gossip Girl”.

For those who (somehow) don’t know, Reynolds’ wife and prominent American actress Blakey Lively played the role of lead character ‘Selena van der Woodsen’ in the CW drama television series Gossip Girl.

The reference to a glass of gin isn’t out of the blue either: Reynolds is the owner (or at least part owner) of craft gin company, Aviation gin.

With its inflections of comedic genius combined with an important message for the youth of B.C., this audio clip is made to be viral and fast gathering steam among Twitterati.

Take a listen:


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