A Saanich man says he is glad no one was hurt after his truck was smashed by a loose tire that came flying through the air as he travelled down the highway.

Sean Gardiner captured the incident on his dashcam as he was driving along Highway 1 near Westholm, just north of Duncan.

As he approached Mt. Sicker Rd., a tire came bouncing from across the centre barrier and collided with the front passenger side of his truck.

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The tire had apparently detached from a trailer being towed by an SUV travelling in the opposite direction.

The impact, shown in Gardiner’s dashcam footage, caused his vehicle’s hood to pop open, obstructing his view as he slowed to a halt.

The trailer being towed by the SUV appears to be missing the driver’s side tire as it passes in the lower-left of the camera’s view.

Gardiner was able to steer his vehicle to the shoulder without further incident.

Photos he posted to social media show that the tire completely destroyed his front passenger headlight and signal light, and caused severe damage to the hood and grille.


In messages to Victoria Buzz, Gardiner says he has started a claim process with ICBC but does not yet have an estimate on damages.

He also says that he has been in touch with RCMP, who have located the driver of the vehicle where the tire came from.

Gardiner added that he was physically unhurt from the collision and doesn’t want to unfairly point fingers.

“I’m not pointing blame,” Gardiner says. “But I do want the message to get out there that people need to check over their trailers, tie and secure loads on or in their vehicles.”

“It only takes a matter of minutes to stop and check before you leave or along your trip. It is better than a split second that can change someone’s life forever.”

Tire Collision
(Sean Gardiner/Facebook)


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