(Cannabis plants/Saanich Police)

Someone in Greater Victoria just lost a lot of pot today, and could be in for a hefty ticket if caught.

Saanich Police say they have seized a total of 18 marijuana plants after they were found growing in a public place.

In a tweet shared Wednesday, the department announced that the plants were found by kids who had been using the trails in Panama Flats.

The children reportedly called police who then showed up to get rid of the goods.

“TIP: You can possess up to 4 plants in public however leaving them in a public space unattended to grow is not permitted,” said Saanich PD on Twitter.

Those who are found in violation of this law can receive a $230 ticket.

However police do not know who these plants belong to and say any tips are welcome.

Anyone with information on the owners of the confiscated cannabis plants can contact Saanich Police at (250) 475-4321.

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