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For the second time this week, a hair salon in Langford has reported that a stylist in their employ has tested positive for COVID-19.

Twist Hair and Nail salon located in Langford’s Bear Mountain Resort says they have shut down as of Monday, as a precautionary measure after a stylist tested positive for the virus.

The business shared the news on social media, informing their patrons that any affected clients will be directly contacted by the BC Health Authority.

“We have been meticulous about sanitizing, hand washing, and physical distancing,” reads their post on Instagram.

“All staff/clients have been required to wear masks or face shields since we’ve reopened, and we have installed plexiglass at all nail desks and the front desk so we are confident that any exposure is minimal.”

Last week, on August 21, Chatters Salon Victoria West Shore announced that one of their stylists had tested positive for COVID-19.

Chatters remains open to the public, they say with approval from BC Health, according to the business.

Twist Hair and Nail salon says they hope to reopen in the second week of September.