Salish Sea Lanterns
(Bob Orchard/Salish Sea Lantern Festival Facebook)

The Salish Sea Lantern Festival is taking the lanterns to the yards, balconies, and windows of Sidney as they adapt to COVID-19 restrictions.

Ordinarily the annual event, organized by ArtSea Community Arts Council on the Saanich Peninsula, welcomes nearly 1,000 people to a display of stunning lanterns, many inspired and created by First Nation artists.

This year, however, ArtSea is inviting the community around Sidney and the Peninsula to display lanterns around their homes from August 16 to 22.

Those who wish to participate can light their lanterns up with battery-operated lights on their own property each night at 7 p.m.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to be creative and be part of a community project in a time when community is most important,” ArtSea Vice President Wayne McNiven wrote in an email.

Photos of lanterns can be shared to the Salish Sea Lanterns Festival Facebook Page.

Online tutorials for crafting lanterns will be posted to the ArtSea website, along with some opportunities for adult lantern making workshops.

Participants can also submit their display location on the ArtSea website, and can enter their display for a chance to win prizes.

ArtSea says that they are planning to return to their regular Festival in 2021.

The Salish Sea Lantern Festival

  • When: August 16 to 22
  • Where: On the Saanich Peninsula