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These are Vancouver Island’s most dangerous intersections for drivers and cyclists (ICBC)


If you’re an island driver, you may want to check ICBC’s 2019 list of the most dangerous intersections on Vancouver Island. Believe it or not, most of the intersections that had the most collisions were within the Greater Victoria area.

The list is released annually. ICBC President and CEO Nicolas Jimenez says the report is meant to ensure that the public is “well-informed” and “supported.” Customers are able to customize the information they are viewing or download  the data in its entirety.

With 101 vehicle collisions over the course of 2019, the Admirals/Mckenzie/TransCanada Hwy came in first place—which comes as no surprise with all the construction at that intersection over the past year.


Seven out of the remaining nine intersections are within the Greater Victoria Area, with only two coming from Nanaimo—Bowen Rd/Island Hwy and Mostar Rd/Island Hwy. 

In second place, just a few short blocks from the Island’s most dangerous  crash site, is number two: Douglas St/Mckenzie Ave/Pat Bay Hwy. 

Basically, what we’re hearing is: Victoria highways are some of the most dangerous on the Island.

It wasn’t just vehicles that ICBC collected crash data for. They also released a report detailing the most dangerous spots for cyclists. 

Surprisingly, the most dangerous intersection for cyclists on Vancouver Island is nowhere near a highway. It’s the left-turning lane onto Gordon Head Rd from Mckenzie Ave—just a few blocks west of the University of Victoria. There were 12 cyclist collisions during 2019 there.


Just one block down from the most dangerous intersection for cyclists is its runner up: Mckenzie Ave and Shelbourne St, which saw 11 crashes in 2019.

Tied for third are Catherine St/Esquimalt Rd, and Pandora Ave/Vancouver St Both saw 10 cyclist accidents during 2019.

If you’re a driver and you find yourself anywhere near these intersections, it might be good practice to keep an eye out for cyclists! 

ICBC has been keeping this data since 2015. In that time, the intersection in Victoria that has seen the most driver-related accidents (318 in a four year period!) is Douglas St/Finlayson St—perhaps no surprise there. 

For those who would like to view some of this data for themselves, check out the report on the ICBC website.

Abby Neufeld
Abby Neufeld
Freelance writer for Victoria Buzz.

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