Ball Python Wikipedia

VicPD are warning the public of a ball python that was reported missing Tuesday morning near the Galloping Goose Trail.

Police say that they were notified about the missing snake at 11:30 a.m. on August 4—however it has been missing since July 2.

The python vanished in the vicinity of the 200-block of Bay Street. It is described as four feet, five inches in length. 

Ball pythons are non venomous snakes that kill their prey by constricting it.

VicPD say that Victoria Animal Control Services (VACS) has been notified.

Ian Fraser, a Senior Animal Control Officer with VACS, says that while the snake may appear threatening, it’s extremely unlikely to attack humans or even pets.

“They really are a docile snake,” said Fraser. “It’s not poisonous, there’s no venom. It’s a constrictor. I don’t think it could even kill a small dog like a chihuahua.”

However, Fraser says that the snake is likely to remain at large without a tip from the public.

“There’s really no tracking it down. Snakes are difficult to find. They can go into all kinds of places.”

Police are asking that anyone who sees the python should call 911. Those with information about the missing snake can also call the non-emergency line at 250-995-7654, and select option 1 for the report desk.