Advice from BC health officials around physical distancing and social gatherings appeared to go unheeded by a large group of kids seen spilling into the streets of a Saanich neighbourhood on Friday night.

The scene was captured on video and sent to Victoria Buzz by a concerned resident who has asked to remain anonymous. It shows dozens of people, many who appeared to be teenagers, gathered on the street.

According to the video taker, one neighbour claims that one of teens brandished a knife when the group was confronted.

They said the kids were leaving a nearby party that got shut down around 10 p.m.—the teens then reportedly gathered at Northridge Elementary School.

In the 24 second video clip, you can hear one teen yelling “Record me! Record me!”, followed by some expletives.

One teen showed some compassion for the situation at the end of the video and can be seen approaching the person filming and apologizing.

Multiple neighbours said they called Saanich Police about the mass gathering but say the response took nearly an hour.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to Saanich Police for more information.