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8 jobs in Victoria that require no experience and pay above minimum wage


2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and many Victorians have been left with their purse strings feeling a little tight.

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time job, we don’t blame you for wanting to supplement your income!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of eight companies hiring in Victoria that offer more than minimum wage and require no experience.

From administrative assistant to prep cook to sales representative, this list has something for everyone, and some of these positions are a great way to get your foot in the door of an industry that interests you.

Without further ado, here are eight jobs in Victoria, currently hiring, that will pay you more than minimum wage and require no experience!

Early Morning Sorter

  • Company: UPS Canada
  • Salary: $17.00 / hour 
  • Why You Should Apply: UPS offers full benefits and tuition reimbursement for all its employees. 
  • Apply Here

Sales Representative

  • Company: Koodo/Telus
  • Salary: $18.00 – $30.00 / an hour 
  • Why You Should Apply: This position offers both commission and bonus pay, so you’ll be raking in the cash. 
  • Apply Here

Order Desk and Admin

  • Company: Portofino Bakery
  • Salary: $16.50 / hour
  • Why You Should Apply: If you’ve ever tried Portofino bread, you won’t need to be told why working here would be a great idea. That being said, they also offer full benefits and yearly raises!
  • Apply Here

Lot Attendant 

  • Company: Gain Group
  • Salary: $15.00 / hour, with a raise to $17.00 an hour after three months
  • Why You Should Apply: Spend your days shining BMWs! This position offers full benefits and car purchasing incentives. It is important to note, however, that this position requires a driver’s license! 
  • Apply Here

Dishwasher / Prep Cook 

  • Company: Nautical Nellies
  • Salary: $16.00 / hour + tips 
  • Why You Should Apply: Work at this quintessential Victoria eatery that offers staff and family discounts. 
  • Apply Here

Elections BC workers


  • Company: Elections BC
  • Salary: Up to $490 for one day of work
  • Why You Should Apply: This is good money for a few training sessions and one 14-hour day of work! If you have the ability to be impartial and non-partisan for the day, then get your civic duty on and make some money! General Voting Day is Saturday, October 24 so make sure your clear your schedule for that day.
  • Apply Here

Prep Cook/Dishwasher

  • Company: Ferris’ Restaurant
  • Salary: $16.00 – $18.00 / hour
  • Why You Should Apply: With extended health care, full 8-hour shifts, and Red Seal apprenticeship opportunities, you’re not going to be able to turn this one down! 
  • Apply Here

Store Greeter

  • Company: Heirloom Linens
  • Salary: $15.00 / hour 
  • Why You Should Apply: This position offers a nice store discount and, we don’t know if you’ve ever tried linen bed sheets, but if you have, you’ll know why this is worth it! Shifts are on weekends, so if you’re in school, or have another job, this could be perfect for you. 
  • Apply Here
Abby Neufeld
Abby Neufeld
Freelance writer for Victoria Buzz.

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