The B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has announced that 85 new affordable housing units will be ready for people to move into this month.

The units are available within two new housing developments, both opening in mid-September, and will offer lower than market rates for rent.

One of the developments features a 28 one-bedroom townhomes located at 3425 Uplands Drive. 12 of these units will be accessible homes for people with developmental disabilities and rent will be set at $500/month.

The remaining units in this project include a live-in manager’s suite and 15 homes, with monthly rents at $880.

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This housing development will be operated in partnership with the Nanaimo Association for Community Living, and four full-time staff members will help support residents in their homes and provide services according to each individual’s care plan.

Another 57 affordable rental homes, including three accessible units, are opening for seniors in mid-September, at 77Mill Street.

This project will be operated by the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society and offer one-bedroom homes with monthly rents ranging from $935 to $1,135.

Rent will include services like phone, internet, cable, and laundry.

“These new homes will provide much-needed safe, secure and affordable living for seniors and adults with disabilities,” said Sheila Malcolmson, MLA for Nanaimo.

“These projects will change lives, and I’m grateful to our community partners for working hard so more people have a place to call home in our community.”

The first project at Uplands Drive is financed through $4.9 million in capital funding and $1.9 million in construction financing from the province, $95,000 in capital waivers from the City of Nanaimo, and land provided by the Nanaimo Association for Community Living.

The second housing development at Mill Street received $8 million in capital funding and $3.3 million in construction financing from the province, and land from the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society.