Heart Tub
(Frank Ryan, Craigslist)

A Vancouver Island man is selling a piece of 90’s movie memorabilia that’s sure to warm hearts: the hot tub from 1994’s Dumb and Dumber, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

Frank Ryan, a local Bed and Breakfast operator, posted a listing for the heart-shaped tub to Craigslist on August 1. It has since been updated to Used Victoria.

“We bought it back in 1995,” said Ryan in an interview with Victoria Buzz. “We were in Vancouver looking for plumbing fixtures for a bed and breakfast we were starting.”

The listing says the tub is in “perfect structural condition and near-perfect cosmetic condition.” Ryan said he never had an opportunity to install it.

“It didn’t work in our bed and breakfasts,” he said. “We’ve had three different bed and breakfasts over that time period.”

Over the past 25 years the tub was stored in a large storage container. Ryan is asking $7,500 for the tub and says he has had several offers already.

Among the interested parties is an actor based in Toronto who Ryan says had a minor role in the movie.

He added that he hopes that it finds a good home, and that whoever purchases it is prepared to pay considerable shipping contests, depending on where it ends up.

In the meantime, he says it’s back to the B&B business for him.

“We’re building a house on the Malahat. We’re probably going to do another B&B. My wife loves the social stuff. But the tub wouldn’t have worked in this house either.”

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