Toast and Jersey
(Toast, left, and Jersey/BC SPCA)

The BC SPCA is asking the public for help supporting two kittens who fell from two different high-rise buildings and were seriously injured.

Three-month-old Jersey fell from a fourth-floor balcony and was brought to a veterinarian who discovered he could not stand on his front legs.

The family made the decision to surrender Jersey to the Victoria BC SPCA since they could not afford the cost for the emergency surgery.

The kitten needed emergency hospitalization and pain management as he awaited a $2,000 surgery for his fractured elbow.

Jersey’s front right leg was amputated and he was bandage wrapped. He will be neutered once he is fully healed from the operation.

Staff at the Victoria branch say Jersey is a “such a trooper and so affectionate.” The SPCA say he loves to watch hockey in his foster family’s home.

Another kitten who fell from a high-rise, four-month-old Toast, was recently surrendered to the Vancouver Branch of the SPCA.

He required a femoral head and neck excision after falling five storeys from the window of his owner’s home.

The procedure will relieve Toast’s pain and help restore some function in his limb, at a cost of over $3,000.

Staff at the Vancouver Branch say that Toast “would still try and walk and cuddle up with a human” despite being in incredible pain.

His foster mom says he has a “great personality” and “purrs non-stop.”

The SPCA says that once Toast is fully recovered, he will be ready for adoption to his fur-ever home.

Anyone who wishes to contribute funds to help Jersey and Toast and other animals in need at the BC SPCA can visit