(Kraft Dinner)

We all expect a tinge of pumpkin spice to flavour up our lives in the fall, whether it be in latte, pie, or scone form.

But popular macaroni and cheese brand Kraft Dinner has caused quite the stir after announcing the launch of a limited edition pumpkin spice version of their product.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company touted the new ‘Pumpkin Spice KD’ as a “spicy cheesy treat” that comes in a white cup, topped with cinnamon spice—an obvious parody of the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte released by cafés big and small each fall.

“KD has always been known for its one of a kind cheesy taste and after years of watching Canadians get excited for pumpkin spice season, we felt that it was time to combine the two iconic flavours and create Pumpkin Spice KD,” said Brian Neumann, Senior Brand Manager, Brand Building & Innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada.

“Canadians have always made KD their own way and not many people would expect KD to be part of the PSL conversation, but that’s the whole point. Only 1000 will be made. So, move over lattes and muffins, PSKD is the must try new flavour this fall.”

The exclusive new product has its own online waitlist that Canadians have allegedly been signing up for to be notified when the ‘PSKD’ is released.

Once it’s launched, the 1,000 new products packages will include KD, a Pumpkin Spice Boost Pack, a fork, and a signature white coffee-style cup personalized with your misspelled name on it.

If that wasn’t an obvious enough troll on Starbucks’ famous PSL and misspelled names, KD’s announcement of the product was tweeted in a response to Starbucks’ ‘first day of fall’ PSL post:

The announcement of this odd new flavour combo elicited mixed responses from Canadians on social media.

While some are intrigued and even excited…

…others were revolted and even angered by the flavour combo.

Would you sign up to try it?