The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in very different ways.

It took not only the world by storm, but the impact rippled down to even small communities; such as our own, right here in Greater Victoria.

For many vulnerable people who already face barriers – issues like poverty, homelessness and social isolation – the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic mean they need more help than ever.

This is where United Way of Greater Victoria comes in – they have rallied all of their energy, time, talents, and dollars to help those in need – with the help of the community.

We have also seen a lot of good emerge despite the trying times – neighbours are helping neighbours, and volunteers are stepping up when needed.

Businesses are even seeing a need, like Accent Inns who partnered with the United Way to provide free hotel rooms to frontline workers.

Only a week after COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic in March, United Way launched the Local Love in a Global Crisis Fund, which to date has raised over $1.3 million to provide relief to the Greater Victoria community.

“The response we have seen from the community has been immense and, quite frankly, inspirational,” said Mark Breslauer, CEO at United Way.

“I’m very proud of how our community has come together to support initiatives like our Local Love Campaign to help those that need it in our community.”

Now, United Way of Greater Victoria has narrowed their focus in direct response to COVID-19 to help their community recover and rebuild.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight their areas of action, each with signature initiatives, which you can donate to in order to assist those most vulnerable.

United Way will focus on three areas where help is needed most:

Click here to donate today and help ensure our most vulnerable have the essentials they need!

United Way of Greater Victoria

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