(Photo by Ditza Rinderknecht-Hopkins/Facebook)

A botched attempt at parallel parking caused a four vehicle collision in Oak Bay on Sunday.

In a statement released September 14, Oak Bay Police say they responded to an incident where the driver of a Subaru attempted to parallel park in the 2200 block of Oak Bay Ave accelerated and crashed into the rear end of a parked vehicle.

They then reversed at high speed and crashed into the front of another parked car behind them.

After this second collision, the offending vehicle slid off the bumper and, while still in reverse, did a perpendicular turn and crossed Oak Bay Ave.

It then crashed into the rear driver side of an F-150 pick up truck parked facing westbound on the side of the street.

This collision pushed the truck onto the sidewalk causing the rear passenger side tire to break at the axle.

Fortunately no pedestrians were nearby when the collisions took place and no injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

Oak Bay Police are in the process of investigating, and charges against the driver are being considered.