(Ball python located/VicPD)

In a sad end to the story of a snake that repeatedly went missing in Greater Victoria, a lost ball python turned up deceased in Saanich today.

Saanich Police say that the python, which was reported missing most recently on August 19, was found by a homeowner in the area of Marigold Road and Jasmine Avenue.

Police say the snake was found on September 6, but added that it had been deceased “for quite some time.” The python’s identity was confirmed by its owner.

Saanich Police were unable to say what the cause of death was at this time. It was found in the same area in which it went missing.

This was not, however, the first time the python had given its owner the slip.

It first made headlines all over Victoria when it was the subject of a search in August by VicPD, who said that the snake had actually been missing since July 2.

Somehow, the ball python survived six weeks on the lam – despite its species normally requiring temperatures of at least 26 degrees Celsius to thrive.

Indeed, it had traversed a remarkable distance, as it went missing in the 200-block of Bay Street and was found over five kilometres away in the 1900-block of Richardson Street.

The trip would have likely included a commute across the Johnson Street Bridge – or at least a dip in the Upper Harbour.

It was returned to its owner on August 12.

But this was only the beginning of this slithery reptile’s rise to local stardom.

Just over a week later, Saanich Police reported the snake had gone missing again, this time within their jurisdiction.

The python’s second escape attempt slipped it from local story to brief internet stardom, with numerous people tweeting in disbelief at its escapades.

Someone even made a parody account for the python, @yyjdangernoodle.

But sadly, with today’s announcement from Saanich Police, a third escape is not in the cards.

Unless, of course, one counts its escape from this mortal coil. And for a snake, what better epitaph could there be?

The Victoria python: he coiled his way into our hearts.