(Left to right: John Horgan, Sonia Furstenau, Andrew Wilkinson/Photo compiled by Victoria Buzz)

It has been five days since B.C. Premier John Horgan called a snap election taking place next month, in an attempt to form a majority NDP government one year before the next scheduled provincial election.

Since then, Horgan has blamed instability and disagreements with the BC Green caucus as reason for calling the election, both BC Liberal Andrew Wilkinson and BC Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau have clapped back at the NDP for calling an election during a pandemic, a host of candidates have been announced, and plenty has been said about the necessity of calling an election in the first place.

In the first week on the campaign trail, party leaders have barely begun discussing their proposed policies and issues to base their platforms on, as Elections BC sorts out what an election during a pandemic will look like.

With just 29 days to go until General Voting day, Victoria Buzz is looking for insight on what Victoria and Vancouver Island residents want to see discussed on the provincial platform before choosing who to vote for.

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We’ve launched an online survey to determine which B.C. issues are hold most weight for our readers, from COVID-19 recovery plans, to the overdose crisis, to affordable housing and homelessness.

Within 24 hours of launching the survey, we’ve already received 400 responses from readers letting us know what is most important to them.

Your insight will shape the questions we ask, the issues we focus on, and the coverage we provide during the 2020 elections.

Click here to take the survey. Responses will be recorded until 11:59 p.m. on September 28.