The first five years lay the foundation for a child’s life.

With the continuing pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic still on many people’s minds, domestic violence and family breakdown are on the rise; relationships are strained because of a lack of certainty about the future, as well as potential job loss.

Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle; and there is a need for a daycare during circumstances such as this.

United Way of Greater Victoria is partnering with Family Services of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society to build and furnish a daycare for children who have experienced potentially deep-rooted trauma, resulting from experience/exposure to  domestic violence, sexual, psychological , physical and emotional abuse and the refugee camp experience.

The Daycare will have staff equipped to assist children – trauma counsellors, art therapists and other childhood experts supporting each child in a peaceful, therapeutic setting. 

Little Phoenix Daycare looks to support children like Jasmine, who was only 4 when her mother was murdered.

The shock from this traumatic event was monumental and left her confused, scared and shy. Her father, now a single parent, needed to find a place and a support system that understood the extraordinary challenges she faced. 

With your help, United Way will be able to provide a safe space for kids like Jasmine, right here in Greater Victoria.

Daycare space is at a premium as it is at the moment, and Little Phoenix will help children age 5 and under dealing with serious life challenges such as domestic violence, inter-generational trauma and significant health issues.  

This year is presenting the biggest challenge in United Way’s history, and the reality of the COVID-19 global pandemic will have dramatic and lasting effects, creating uncertainly among local families. 

Donating is an easy way you can help ease the burden as everyone rallies to recover in response to COVID-19. 

Here’s how you can make a difference

  • $100/month or a one-time gift of $1,200 

Buys five durable and safe high chairs for little ones to eat their meals on throughout the day 

  • $50/month or a one-time gift of $600 

Buys a four-piece locker for children’s hats, coats and boots 

  • $10/month or a one-time gift of $120

Buys a set of 5 giant pillows in calming colours for a reading nook

United Way of Greater Victoria has narrowed their focus in direct response to COVID-19 to help their community recover and rebuild.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight their areas of action, each with signature initiatives, which you can donate to in order to assist those most vulnerable.

United Way of Greater Victoria

Click here to donate today and help ensure our most vulnerable like Jasmine get the support they need!

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