File Photo (Jay Wallace Images)

One man was arrested in downtown Victoria Monday morning after a spree of incidents involving property damage.

Just before 7:30 a.m. on August 31, police received multiple reports of the man ripping branches off a tree and trying to hit a passerby with them in the 700 block of Fisgard Street.

The suspect then reportedly chased other pedestrians and threatened to attack them.

While police were responding to the incident, other witnesses reported the man pushing a large dumpster into the road on Fisgard Street.

As a result, he ended up damaging several parked vehicles in the area, and the glass door to a multi-unit commercial and residential building in the area.

After obtaining a description of the suspect from witnesses, police were able to locate the man and took him into custody near the intersection of Blanshard and North Park streets.

He was transported to cells and faces several recommended charges including one count of uttering threats and five counts of mischief.

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