Selkirk Trestle
(Selkirk Trestle, photo by Michal Klajban/Wikimedia Commons)

Victoria Police are crediting a passerby with helping to rescue a woman from the Gorge Waterway Wednesday evening.

Police were called just before 9:30 p.m. to the Selkirk Trestle for a report that a woman in crisis had entered the Gorge Waterway.

When officers arrived on scene they saw that a passerby had climbed down the trestle and was assisting the woman by getting her to the safety of a trestle piling.

Victoria Fire Department (VFD) also responded with a marine rescue boat and worked with officers and the passerby to rescue the woman.

VFD transported the woman and the man assisting her to a nearby dock.

She was apprehended by officers under section 28 of the Mental Health Act. They later transported her to hospital for assessment.

Neither she nor the man who assisted her were physically injured in the incident.