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Halloween is almost here, but in 2020, it looks a bit different than usual. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has released official guidelines on how to have a safe and spooky Halloween in 2020, encouraging physical distancing, wearing masks and limiting the amount of people in each trick or treating group. 

A pandemic Halloween brings it challenges, in both how kids get their candy and how people give out the candy while staying safe. But, 2020 is also the perfect year to get creative so the kiddos can still enjoy their night. 

Without further ado, here are 5 creative ways to hand out candy this pandemic Halloween. 

Use your costumes

If you love to get involved in handing out candy each year, there are still ways you can enjoy Halloween just as much as the little ones. Incorporating your Halloween costume into the candy distribution process can not only be fun, but also allow you to encourage physical distancing without making it feel like Halloween is incredibly different this year. 

Costume ideas include a hockey player who hands out candy with their hockey stick, and a witch who does the same with their cauldron stirring paddle. Of course, always be sure to wear a mask, but have fun with the mask you choose and match it to your costume. 

One great costume idea that keeps both yourself and trick or treaters safe, while keeping with the 2020 theme, is a Hazmat suit! 

Hide candy in your yard

If you love to create a spooky atmosphere in your front yard, 2020 doesn’t have to stop the tradition. Incorporate candy into those decorations to allow trick or treaters to stay distant while searching for their loot. 

Create pumpkin gift bags filled with prepackaged candies and hang them from sticks in the yard or along the fence. Fill glow in the dark eggs with wrapped candies for a candy hunt. These options allow trick or treaters to search for their loot and prevent many hands digging into a communal candy bag or bucket. 

Create a contraption

If you love to build contraptions and are looking for a new, fun project, creating a candy chute might be just the thing for you. 

Build a candy chute or spooky clothesline to deliver candy from your front porch to the trick or treaters in the yard. Decorate the chute or clothesline with a ghost or skeleton hand to add the spooky element.

Set up a Halloween trick or treat table

If you want to keep things simple this year but also love to hand out candy to trick or treaters, you can create a Halloween trick or treat table outside of your home. 

The table could include small treat bags with prepackaged candy or individual piles of candy for trick or treaters to pick up. Be sure to decorate the table with spiderwebs and fake spiders, and leave your front porch light on to let everyone know Halloween is on at your house! 

This method allows you to still participate and hand out candy but remain safely within your own home. 

Organize a drive-thru Halloween event

Finally, a drive thru Halloween could work as a fun and safe alternative to the traditional trick or treat night. 

Organize a drive thru event and route with a group of friends, driving to each home with the candy delivered from the car. An organized drive thru Halloween event with a small group of friends limits the amount of contact you have with the public and still feels like a celebratory event. 

Not only does this keep groups distant and warm, but the kids also have the candy come to them!

Halloween 2020 can still be enjoyed by all, as long as we stay safe, encourage physical distancing, and get creative with our approach. 

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