Horgan Wilkinson Furstenau
(BC NDP / BC Liberals / BC Green Party - Facebook)

We’ve heard promises and platform proposals, commentary and backlash, and more from the leaders of B.C.’s three main political parties.

Now, provincial NDP leader John Horgan, Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson, and Green Party Sonia Furstenau will face each other in the only televised debate scheduled ahead of General Voting Day on October 24.

The 90-minute debate will be televised on all major broadcast networks, and Victoria Buzz will carry a live feed of the event on our Facebook page through the British Columbia Broadcast Consortium.

We will also be live tweeting highlights from the debate on our Twitter account.

The three politicians will begin their discussion at 6:30 p.m. PST, moderated by Shachi Kurl, President of the non-profit Angus Reid Institute.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no in-person audience, and reporters will also be watching the debate remotely.

Earlier in the campaign, BC Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson advocated for three televised debates ahead of the snap election.

It is unclear if this is still his goal, as the party has recently taken heavy fire for sexist remarks made during a Zoom call, the footage of which was leaked online.

That incident is expected to feature heavily during the debate, alongside issues of taxation, homelessness, economic recovery, and pandemic response.

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