(from L-R: Mitzi Dean, RJ Senko, Andy MacKinnon. Photos supplied by BD NDP, BC Liberal Party, Andy MacKinnon)

From October 10 to 16, Victoria Buzz will be profiling the seven ridings in the Greater Victoria area.

We reached out to candidates to provide information on what they think the most important issues are in this election.

Today we’re looking at the riding of Esquimalt-Metchosin.

The Esquimalt-Metchosin riding actually covers four municipalities: Esquimalt, Metchosin, Colwood and View Royal.

Here are the candidates running for the riding:

Independent – Desta McPherson

No information received prior to publication.

BC NDP – Mitzi Dean (incumbent)

Age: not specified
Background: Social worker, community builder

Key issues:
Affordability, need for housing, ensuring a robust pandemic response, strengthening child care and health and wellness services.

I am proud to be running for a party that is working to build a B.C. where strong public services are always there when people need them.

We’re focused on better health care, building more affordable housing, expanding child care, and good jobs and livelihoods in a clean-energy future.

Our proposal to freeze rents until 2021 will help, as will expanding $10 a day child care, and making transit free for kids under 12 years old.

BC Liberal Party – RJ Senko

Age: 56
Background: Government relations consultant, Ministerial Chief of Staff, radio/tv reporter and talk show host

Key issues:
Rebuild our economy so we can create an inclusive and equal society that addresses local needs such as: access to primary health care; commuter rail and ferry between the Westshore and Victoria; affordable housing; seniors’ care; homelessness; opioid crisis; reconciliation and economic opportunity for indigenous peoples; and the environment.

Finally we need to break through our antiquated system of “left vs right” partisan politics so we can work together to build a prosperous and just society of which we can all be proud participants.

BC Green Party – Andy MacKinnon

Age: 64
Background: Forest ecologist, Metchosin Councillor.

Key issues:
Our riding is a collection of vibrant human communities set in an area with a significant natural presence.

With your help, I hope to represent the needs of the people of this riding–especially in the pressing issues of healthcare, childcare, transportation, housing, and how we can build communities that relate to their natural environments in healthy and sustainable ways.

Additionally, I’m a retired Professional Forester and Professional Biologist, I believe that we need better leadership than has been supplied by BC Liberals or NDP on important provincial issues such as land use planning, old-growth forests, and threatened and endangered species.

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