Langford-Juan de Fuca Candidates
(Clockwise from top-left: Gord Baird, Tyson Riel Strandlund, John Horgan, Kelly Darwin, images via BC Green Party, Communist Party of BC, BC NDP, BC Liberal Party)

From October 10 to 16, Victoria Buzz will be profiling the seven ridings in the Greater Victoria area.

We reached out to candidates to provide information on what they think the most important issues are in this election.

Today we’re looking at the riding of Langford-Juan de Fuca.

This riding is relatively new, being first created in a redrawing of boundaries in 2015, and contested only once in its current form, in 2017.

Here are the candidates running for the riding:

Green Party – Gord Baird

Age: 51
Background: Business owner, Councillor

Key issues:
“This election has me focused on three main issues, all of which are interconnected.

The climate and ecological crisis – unrealistic plans continue to be guided not by science, but instead what is palatable politically.

Community resilience and well-being is another issue close to home as I witness antiquated legislation tear communities apart and divert their attention from being able to focus on responding to the climate crisis.

The issue that triggered my decision and made me commit was the abuse of democracy from the premeditated ‘snap’ election – let alone using the pandemic as the rationale. I can’t look away.”

Communist Party of BC – Tyson Riel Strandlund

Age: 28
Background: Socialist, Métis activist & history graduate student

Key issues:
“There are many serious crises facing the people of this province, all symptomatic of an increasingly unstable and decaying capitalism.

These include the prioritization of profits over people and inadequate management of the pandemic; the climate emergency; the violent incursions on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory by the racist, corporate attack dogs, the RCMP; increasing poverty, inequality, and homelessness; and the unchecked opioid crisis.

Working people need support, including an immediate ban on ‘renovictions,’ ‘demovictions,’ and all evictions during the pandemic, a $20 minimum wage, and protections for those out of work due to COVID-19. It’s time we made the rich pay!”

BC Liberal Party – Kelly Darwin

Age: 45
Background: Government relations consultant, Ministerial Chief of Staff, radio/tv reporter and talk show host

Key issues:
“At this point in the pandemic I believe the economy is key to getting people back to work, helping put food on the table. I believe that the government should support small businesses in the reopening of the province.

It is the government’s job to create the environment to stimulate the economy. A government that hires people to create jobs only creates future liabilities.

Providing PPE, tax incentives and other support will help businesses hire back staff, ensure everyone is safe so people can have access to products and services they need as we adapt to life in the pandemic.”

BC NDP – John Horgan (incumbent)

Age: 61
Background: Leader of the BC New Democratic Party, Premier of BC

Key issues:
“People are worried about their future and their health. The BC NDP has a plan to lead us through the pandemic and build an economic recovery that works for everyone.

We will continue to make investments in healthcare and seniors care. We’ll support the conditions to create good paying jobs and provide relief for small businesses. We’ll make life more affordable with a Recovery Benefit of up to $1,000 for families and by continuing with our historic investments in affordable child care and housing.

And we’ll continue with our climate action plan, because we need to protect this beautiful place.”

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