Saanich North
(from L-R: Adam Olsen, Zeb King, Stephen Roberts - images supplied by BC Green Party, BC NDP, BC Liberals Party)

From October 10 to 16, Victoria Buzz will be profiling the seven ridings in the Greater Victoria area.

We reached out to candidates to provide information on what they think the most important issues are in this election.

Today we’re looking at the riding of Saanich North and the Islands.

This riding encompasses North Saanich, Sidney, Central Saanich and the Southern Gulf Islands, including Galiano, Pender, Salt Spring, and Saturna.

Here are the candidates running for the riding:

BC Green Party – Adam Olsen (incumbent)

Age: 44
Background: Central Saanich Councillor, small business person

Key issues:
“While there are a range of opinions of what the main issues are, there are common themes.
A major issue is primary healthcare.  There are over ten thousand people on the Saanich Peninsula without a primary care physician.

Another very visible issue for us is transportation.  Residents of the Gulf Islands are familiar with the challenges of the ferry system and public transit.

Education is also a concern in our riding.  Whether it’s our kids or grandkids, a complete education sets a person up for success in life.  This requires a well funded and well supported school system.”

BC NDP – Zeb King

Age: not specified
Background: Councillor, Central Saanich

Key issues:
“COVID-19 is the biggest challenge facing our communities—here in Saanich North and the Islands and indeed right across our province. People are worried about their loved ones and uncertain about the future.

A lot of progress has been made over the pass three and a half years to improve health care, create jobs and opportunities, and make life more affordable. Now more than ever we need to invest in people and keep moving our province forward.

On October 24th, I ask for your support to serve as MLA for Saanich North and the Islands.”

BC Liberal Party – Stephen Roberts

Age: 55
Background: F
ormer Banking COO

Key issues:
“The key issue in this election for Saanich North and the Islands is recovery from the many impacts of the global pandemic.

Our seniors are worried about their future and parents are concerned about education, while all of us are stressed dealing with restrictions on our social activities.

Economy has been hit badly, from tourism-based small business and farmers to manufacturers on the Saanich peninsula.

This riding needs a plan that will get people back to work and provide training opportunities where needed. I have the economic and financial background needed to help guide the much-needed recovery.”

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