Fadil Rashead
(Fadil Rashead, right, being presented with the VicPD Civic Service Award / VicPD)

A cab driver whose quick-thinking led to the arrest of an at-large dangerous offender was honoured by VicPD at their headquarters in Victoria on Friday.

Fadil Rashead, a driver for Bluebird Cabs, helped with the apprehension of high-risk sex offender Scott Jones, who was unlawfully at large with a history of violent sexual assaults.

Rashead picked Jones up as a fare and became suspicious when his passenger asked Rashead to buy new clothes for him at the Superstore on Langford Parkway.

Jones told Rashead that he couldn’t buy the clothes himself because he was wanted by police.

Rashead alerted the RCMP who were able to arrest Jones after a brief incident where Jones barricaded himself in the cab and tried to start a fire.

Rashead was honoured for his quick-thinking response by VicPD Chief Del Manak, who presented the cab driver with the VicPD Civic Service Award.

“On behalf of the Victoria Police Department, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your commitment to your community,” Chief Manak said at the award ceremony on Friday morning.

“Mr. Rashead, thank you for doing the right thing. It is my pleasure to present you with the VicPD Civic Service Award.”

Chief Manak also took a moment to thank RCMP Inspector Todd Preston, West Shore RCMP and RCMP Constable Meighan Massey for her work in apprehending Jones.

In addition to the engraved award, Rashead’s name will be added to other awardees on the glass display in VicPD’s Hall of Honour.

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