(Victoria Buzz)

A three-hour search in the Inner Harbour took a twist when a man who was pulled from the water was arrested on outstanding warrants.

VicPD said that they were initially called Wednesday afternoon for a report of a person in distress in the water on the south side of the Johnson Street Bridge.

Officers arrived shortly after 4:20 p.m. and began searching the area.

One officer entered the water and had to be treated by paramedics for exposure due to staying in the Harbour for a long period of time.

The rescue operation also included the Victoria Fire Department, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Coast Guard, and the Saanich Police Dive Team.

At approximately 7:15 p.m., while the Saanich Police Dive Team was conducting their search, the missing man surfaced from the water and was pulled from the water by officers.

The man was alive and suffering from non-life-threatening injuries from cold exposure.

Officers learned that the man had intentionally entered the water off the docks south of the Johnson Street bridge.

He then found himself in distress and asked a bystander to call 911, before submerging and vanishing from sight.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment. Officers then learned the man had a number of outstanding warrants for his arrest.

VicPD say that they believe the man was hiding under the decking of the floating dock in an attempt to evade police.

The man’s outstanding warrants include assault, forcible entry, assaulting a police officer causing bodily harm, and uttering threats.

Officers arrested the man for these warrants and took him to cells after he had been medically cleared.

He was held for morning court on Thursday.