Vote by mail
(Elections BC/Facebook)

The latest statistics from Elections BC show a large portion of the electorate have either requested mail-in ballots or voted in advance polls.

As of Wednesday morning, 724,279 registered voters have requested vote-by-mail packages, and another 564,951 have voted in advance polls.

That makes up roughly 37 per cent of the 3,485,858 registered voters in B.C. The 2017 provincial election saw a voter turnout of about 57 per cent, up two points from 2013.

So far a little under half of the total requested vote-by-mail packages have been returned. Elections BC says they have received 347,900 packages, approximately 48 per cent of those requested.

The office added that the number of received packages does not include vote-by-mail ballots which are en route via Canada Post, or packages that were dropped off at a district electoral office or voting place.

At this stage Elections BC says that voters who have received their vote-by-mail package but have not yet mailed it back should instead return it in person to ensure it is received.

Vote-by-mail packages can be returned in person at any district electoral office, voting place, or participating Service BC location.

Detailed lists of office, Service BC and voting place hours and locations are available online at Elections BC.

October 21 is the final day for voting in advance polls. A list of advance polling places is available online at Elections BC.

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