(Black bear/Photo by Saanich Police)

Saanich Police are asking people to be cautious after it was confirmed a bear killed a llama in a residential area Monday evening.

On October 19, just after 4:00 p.m., Saanich Police received a report of a spotted bear on a
property in the 4700-block of West Saanich Road.

It was confirmed the bear had killed one of the homeowner’s livestock, a llama.

According to police, sveral officers attended and saw the bear as it took off away from the area. BC Conservation Service Officers were also on scene in an effort to locate the bear along with police, however, it was not located.

“It is believed that this bear is not frightened of humans and will possibly return to the area
overnight. Plans are in place to re-attend however if anyone should see a bear in this area
please contact the Saanich Police and/or BC Conservation Service,” the media release read.

“We are recommending residents to be alert and aware of this latest bear incident and take
measures to protect any livestock or pets they may have.”

“If you have livestock nearby please be aware,” wrote Saanich Police.

Residents who spot bears in urban settings should report it to BC Conservation at 1-877-952.7277.

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