(From NASA: Comet Giacobini-Zinner was captured by the Kitt Peak 0.9-m telescope on 31 October 1998. North is up with east to the left. Image Credit: N.A.Sharp/NOAO/AURA/NSF)

Full disclosure: this one nearly slipped under our radar—but we caught it just in time to share the news!

Tonight, Wednesday October 7, will mark the brightest point of a three-day meteor shower that is best viewed from the Northern hemisphere: the Draconids, sometimes known as the Giacobinids.

According to EarthSky, this meteor shower is active between October 6 and 8, but the best night to view it is tonight, October 7.

The most active point of time for the Draconids is early evening, and stargazers are advised to look up as early as nightfall—in Victoria, that’s at 6:39 p.m. October 7.

While the Draconids are often slower showers, offering up to five meteors per hour, they have sometimes shown brilliant displays with thousands of meteors per hour in some years.

Because this particular shower rears its head in the early evening, residents of the Northern hemisphere also don’t have to stay up late to watch it.

This Draconids’ radiant point is the constellation Draco the Dragon, but the meteors fly all over the sky so stargazers don’t have to locate Draco to see the spectacle.

Just make sure to find an open space away from bright city lights and you’re good to go!

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