Friday, June 14, 2024

Thousands of British Columbians roll the dice with Trump/Biden online bets


While Americans head to the polls, British Columbians are participating in the US Election in their own high-stakes way: with online bets.

BCLC reports that approximately 10,000 bets are expected to be placed by BC-ers via the betting website

On Tuesday, the oddsmakers said that Joe Biden’s odds had improved from 4/5 to a much more favourable 10/19, whereas Donald Trump had dropped from 51/50 to 33/20.

Most of the bettors are staking their money on Trump to win a second term, with 44 per cent of bets placed on the incumbent President to Biden’s 27 per cent (other non-candidates account for the remaining 29 per cent).

Trump’s longer odds may account for why he is receiving the majority of bets as of Tuesday.

A bet on odds of 33/20 will payout 2.65 times the original bet, a profit of 1.65, whereas a bet on Biden’s 10/19 odds would only net 0.53 profit.

BCLC says the 10,000 expected bets would significantly outpace the previous record of online betting at for a single event.

The 2016 US election holds the previous record with approximately 7,200 bets, more than any Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Playoffs or NBA Playoffs.

*Note: Victoria Buzz is not affiliated with BC Lottery Corporation and does not advocate gambling or taking part in lotteries. If you choose to participate, remember to play responsibly.

Tim Ford
Tim Ford
Digital staff writer with Victoria Buzz

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