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A local wildlife society is reminding the public to be aware and exercise caution around Victoria’s deer population as the fall rutting season begins.

The Oak Bay-based Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS) says people should remember a few basic safety tips around local Columbian black-tailed deer at this time of year.

“During late-fall’s rutting season, bucks lose any ‘street sense’ in their single-minded search for a doe,” the UWSS says on their website.

“To minimize the chance of surprise encounters, drivers, cyclists and others should pay attention, especially around dawn and dusk, when deer tend to be more active.”

They suggest that dog owners keep their pets leashed when out on walks, and to check yards for deer before letting pets outside.

The UWSS says that rutting season lasts from about November to December, with bucks competing for does through postures, movements, and sometimes butting heads and locking antlers.

Pregnancy in deer lasts between 180 to 200 days, with younger does generally giving birth to a single fawn and older does 3 to 9 years of age often having twins.


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