BC Legislature
(File photo)

The BC Legislature website was taken offline temporarily due to suspicious activity that was later confirmed to be the work of hackers.

In a statement, the BC Legislature says they became aware of suspicious activity on the Legislative Assembly’s network and took it offline on November 10 out of an abundance of caution while they investigated.

Staff said that the temporary downtime likely caused emails to users with @leg.bc.ca accounts to bounce back as undeliverable and caused other minor disruptions in service.

On Thursday morning, the BC Legislature announced they had concluded an initial investigation and confirmed that there was an unauthorized breach of their servers.

However, the quick decision by IT staff to shut down the network meant they were able to contain the situation and they have found no evidence that personal or legislature data was accessed or lost.

The Legislature says they will be gradually bringing network services back online as quickly as possible while maintaining network security.

An in-depth investigation is still ongoing.