(BC NDP leader John Horgan/Flickr)

Newly released financial reports from Elections BC show the NDP raised more money ahead of the 2020 provincial election than the Greens and Liberals combined.

From July 1 to September 30, John Horgan’s party received $1,957,937.91 in political contributions from 12,339 donors. 

For the same time period, the Liberals raised $1,150,692.07 from 6,112 individuals, and the Greens raised $327,703.13 from 2,877 individuals.

Based on these numbers, the NDP received an average contribution of $158.68, the Liberals an average contribution of $188.27, and the Greens $113.90.

Throughout the election, Horgan frequently portrayed his chief rivals, Andrew Wilkinson’s Liberals, as a party supporting millionaires with “yachts and luxury cars.”

The NDP also outperformed the Liberals in fundraising during the 2017 election. In the most recent amended reports from Elections BC on financing in the previous general election, the NDP also took in more money than the Liberals and Greens combined.

The most recent amended election financing report for the NDP shows that Horgan’s party received $9,142,420.13 in political contributions for the 2017 general election, compared to $7,652,345.81 for the Liberals and $838,418.81 for the Greens.

Donation limits for 2020 to political parties were set at a maximum contribution of $1,253.15 to each political party or independent candidate. Convention fees up to $370 are not included in that limit. 

Leadership contestants could also receive donations up to $1,253.15 for a leadership race held in 2020.



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