(Parkland Secondary Alumni/Facebook)

A high school community in North Saanich is trying to raise money to upgrade their existing, aging running track.

Parkland Secondary School hopes to raise $3.9 million to build a new, competition-standard 8-lane track and a new field facility with a grass soccer field on campus.

This athletic facility would replace the current 34-year-old running track that has been used by runners and marathoners for training sessions, and by members of the community at large.

“The current track was installed in 1986 and is no longer safe to use as a track. Students, parents, and community members are mobilized to do what it takes to get the track renewal project underway,: said Lizanne Chicanot, Principal of Parkland Secondary School, in a statement.

“Parkland is an amazing school and the peninsula is a fantastic place to live — a new track will promote community health and wellness and will put us on the map.”

If the school is able to raise $3.9 million, they will be able to build a whole new track on par with facilities at UVic and Royal Bay Secondary School, and a brand new field facility with a grass soccer field.

If they raise around $888,000, the school can build a 6-lane track and make upgrades to the field facility. Finally, if they raise less than that, at $540,000, they can repave the existing track with asphalt.

The project is a combined effort between Parkland Secondary School and the Saanich Peninsula Memorial Park Society and is supported by the School District and the municipalities of Sidney and North Saanich.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the campaign can do so at this website.

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