BC Ferries Sign
(Peter Meiszer/Twitter)

Photos of some new signage on BC Ferries reminding passengers to wear masks made some social media users cock their heads and snap to erect attention.

“Travel safe, wear a mask,” the bright green-and-white signs say, the words alongside a silhouette of a person donning a non-medical face covering.

“BC Ferries new mask signage sure is eye catching…” wrote one user.

“Right up there with the hidden fedex arrow. Bravo.” another user replied.

The transport service personally replied to the original post, saying they were glad that people were now aware of the mandatory mask policy.

“What imagination…If there was anyone unaware about our mandatory requirement to wear masks…they know now.”

As honest journalists, it is our duty to inform you that we do not fully understand what the big deal is.

There is nothing turgid about educating the public on mask safety, and being soft on COVID-19 is not an option right now.

We recommend everyone stay firm on wearing masks.

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