A Victoria-based orthopedic surgeon has been reprimanded and fined for inappropriate conduct and language, including calling a pre-teen patient a “loose woman.”

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) announced their findings of a disciplinary investigation against Dr. Bruce Taro Yoneda last week.

In their ruling, they said that Dr. Yoneda had engaged in unprofessional conduct during a consultation with a female pre-teen patient.

Specifically, they say he referred to the patient as a “loose woman” and told her he would be giving her a “lube job.” He also questioned the patient about her menstrual cycle without first offering a clear explanation of why he needed that information.

Reviews on the website RateMDs dating back to 2017 include comments critical of unprofessional behaviour from Dr. Yoneda.

The reviews are anonymous and can be submitted by anyone, but refer to statements from Dr. Yoneda towards female patients that they can “get back to pole dancing” and that he will offer “lube jobs” in relation to knee and joint issues.

On November 9, the CPSBC issued a formal reprimand to Dr. Yoneda and a fine of $7,500.

He has also been forced to register under the “Conditional – disciplined” class of the CPSBC and will be required to complete a program in communication and a course in professionalism.

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