A wild animal rehabilitation team in Victoria is working to heal a bald eagle that was injured in a territorial fight.

In a social media post, the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (WildARC) said they had rescued a female bald eagle after she was injured in a territorial fight with another eagle, which left her stumbling and unable to fly.

“A couple of members of our rehab team had to go out to safely contain her, as she was still alert and not happy with people approaching her,” reads the post.

The majestic bird had sustained extensive injuries during the fight and spent several days on oxygen at the WildARC facility in Metchosin, while also receiving other treatments.

“Even though this beautiful eagle is not yet in the clear, we hope that she can be successfully rehabilitated and released back to the wild shortly,” reads the post.

Anyone who wants to buy a gift from the WildARC’s gift catalogue to support the facility’s ability to treat bald eagles can do so at this website.


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