BC Transit Old Double Decker
(BC Transit)

BC Transit is marking a milestone in 2020: the 20th anniversary of double-decker buses rolling into service in Victoria.

The first 10 double decker buses started servicing the Victoria Regional Transit System on August 1, 2000. Since then, BC Transit says they have collectively logged more than 11 million kilometres.

In particular, bus 9004 has travelled 1.2 million kilometres over its lifespan, the equivalent of taking three one-way trips to the moon.

The buses were the first of their kind in North American transit, and today BC Transit has 67 in their fleet.

“When the double deckers entered service 20 years ago, we knew they would be great high capacity buses that could get more customers where they needed to be,” said Susan Brice, Chair, Victoria Regional Transit Commission.

“What we didn’t realize was how much the community would fall in love with them.”

Buses 9001-9010, the original 10 double-decker buses, are nearing retirement. In recognition of their collective achievement, BC Transit has produced a series called “Tales from the Top Deck,” which they will be sharing through the transport service’s social media channels over the next two weeks.

One of the buses is also getting a retro paint scheme to relive its glory days one last time, decked out in red, white and blue.

New buses will be brought in to replace the original double-deckers in early 2021.

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