Wild Steelhead
(photo by Caldwell Rohrbach via Wild Steelhead Coalition)

A Campbell River angler was fined for killing a protected trout over a year ago, according to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS).

The incident took place in February 2019 on the Quinsam River, when the angler caught and harvested a Wild Steelhead trout.

The illegal catch was reported to the BCCOS and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. A joint investigation led to charges under the B.C. Sport Fishing Regulations.

A Campbell River court fined the angler $1,501 in late November 2020, under the British Columbia Sport Fishing Regulations.

$1,500 of the fine will be sent to the Oyster River Enhancement Society.

The Wild Steelhead Coalition, a Seattle-based organization dedicated to conserving stocks of the trout, says the fish have seen dramatically reduced populations in their native habitats in the Pacific Rim.

The Coalition says steelhead face threats from human activities including overfishing, hatcheries, habitat destruction, and climate change.

In a post on their Facebook page, BCCOS says that current steelhead populations along the Quinsam River are estimated to be in the low hundreds of fish.

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