Cowichan Search and Rescue Christmas Day
(Cowichan Search and Rescue)

While most British Columbians relaxed on Christmas Day, volunteers with Cowichan Search and Rescue (CSAR) were pulled away from their families to take part in an operation.

The RCMP had been notified about an overturned drift boat that was spotted on the Cowichan River near Stolz Pool.

Concerned that someone might be in immediate danger, the RCMP reached out to CSAR, and volunteers left Christmas celebrations to respond.

A team of 25 members led by Search Manager and Swift Water Team Leader Shauneen Nichols mustered in the area, including CSAR and Ladysmith Search and Rescue with support from River Quest Charters.

When the swift water located the boat, they determined that it had been abandoned and no one was in danger.

CSAR says the boat was towed to shore and secured and will be destroyed.

“If you live alongside water please ensure your boat is secure and check on them regularly,” Patty Abbott, Search Manager with CSAR said in a statement.

“If your boat goes missing contact your local RCMP immediately with a description.”

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