Mount Work CRD

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is expanding Mount Work Regional Park with a new land acquisition announced on Wednesday.

The parcel is located on Ross Durrance Road and connects to the western edge of the park. It consists of 12.1 hectares of undeveloped land mainly consisting of second-growth Douglas fir forest, with intermittent patches of open rock bluffs.

Mount Work Map CRD

Current owners William Carrilho Jr. and Isabelle Poirier said that the land is part of a large 165-acre parcel purchased by Carrilho’s parents in 1959.

“After 61 years in the family, the time has come to release some of the property,” Carrilho Jr. said in a statement.

“Today, my wife and I can think of no better use for the land than to have it revert to park.”

CRD entered into negotiations for the purchase of the property in September 2020, and the parties settled on a price of $760,000.

Funding for the purchase was provided through the CRD’s Land Acquisition Fund, established in 2000.

The CRD is in the process of drafting a management plan for Mount Work Regional Park that will determine visitor use, park development and conservation efforts. The management plan is set to be finalized between Winter 2021 and Spring 2022.

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