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Driver gets a dose of karma after illegally passing motorist on Malahat (VIDEO)


Have you ever witnessed someone doing something irresponsible and dangerous behind the wheel of a car, and looked around desperately to see where the police are, hoping for instant karma?

A Vancouver Island motorist had this moment in mid-November, but it wasn’t the police who stopped the erratic driver.

The incident occurred on the notorious Malahat when an impatient driver passed another motorist on the shoulder of the Trans Canada Highway.

Chris Kloosterman who was in the vehicle with the dashcam said he was driving about 70 km/hr just past Tunnel Hill when a driver sped passed him on the the shoulder of the highway.

“The driver passed me on the right over a solid white line doing way more than 70 [km/hr]. Expected results happen less than 60 seconds later,” Kloosterman described on his video posted on Youtube.

As the video shows below, the would-be overtaker received swift and sweet justice.

The video opens with a car travelling along the Malahat in a single lane area when a motorist illegally passed at a higher rate of speed.

The car eventually disappears beyond the dashcam’s view. But it’s only moments later when the car reemerges on the dashcam after the driver loses control and collides with the median.

The video shows the driver hopping out of the car and struggling to push the vehicle to the side of the road but eventually does.

Thankfully, the crash was minor and hopefully chalked up as a learning lesson for this driver and others.

Have a watch:

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