Island Health has created a survey for residents in the region to offer their views on the Hospital at Home program that was launched at Victoria General Hospital (VGH) earlier this year.

Between now and December 31, 2020, Hospital at Home project team will be asking patients, family caregivers, health-care providers and administrators in the region to provide their input by filling out the survey.

The way the Hospital at Home program works is if a patient is admitted to VGH and meets certain eligibility criteria, they may be offered the option of getting their treatment at home.

For those who select the option, both in-person and virtual care methods are used by physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to administer treatment.

Therapies and tests, such as vital signs monitoring, supplemental oxygen, IV medications and lab work, are all done while the patient stays in their home.

Now that the program has been launched at one hospital, Island Health is seeking feedback in order to develop and refine the program to prepare it for a broader province-wide roll out.

“Providing access to the highest-quality patient care, at the patient’s convenience, is an excellent step in addressing access challenges to health care,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix in an emailed statement.

“Projects like Hospital at Home represent the drive and commitment of our health system to meet patient needs, whenever, wherever we can.”

Residents can take the Island Health survey on the dedicated website.

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