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Local filmmaker creates montage of films shot in and around Victoria (VIDEO)


Deadpool 2. Final Destination. Bird on a Wire. 

What do these films have in common? They all include scenes shot in Victoria.

Thanks to a local filmmaker, you can check out a supercut of these and other TV shows and movies filmed in BC’s capital.

William Wilkinson said he was interested in seeing how films have utilized the city in their work, but got swept up in history and decided to put a compilation together.

I’ve been slowly collecting films over the years and finally had the time to edit something together,” Wilkinson said in a message to Victoria Buzz.

His supercut includes works from as far back as 1935, with Secrets of Chinatown, and all the way up until 2019 when Jordan Peele’s second season of Twilight Zone shot an episode titled “Downtime” in downtown.

Recognizable blockbusters are in the mix, including 2012, alongside lower-profile fare like 1987’s Hot Pursuit starring John Cusack.

Kathleen Gilbert, Film Commissioner for the Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission, says it’s been a banner year despite the pandemic.

“Film Production in the CRD has resulted in a direct spend of more than fifty million,” said Gilbert in an email to Victoria Buzz.

“This beats our previous record of just over 20 million.”

She says the Commission expects the trend to continue into 2021 with several shows already booked for the New Year, including a return from Netflix’s Maid.

Gilbert is also looking forward to the promise of a new, purpose-built film studio at Camosun College that was pledged by the BC NDP during the recent election.

“The addition of a proper sound stage would increase the direct spend dramatically,” she said.

Meanwhile, Wilkinson is still uncovering more footage from the past and may cut together a follow-up compilation.

“[I] just get a real kick out of finding vintage footage of a recognizable actor walking through your town,” he said.

Check out the video below:


Tim Ford
Tim Ford
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