A complaint about a fraudulent kitten sale in Oak Bay is a reminder for residents to be careful, Oak Bay Police say.

On December 8, the Oak Bay Police Department says they were notified about a report of a fraud conducted over Kijiji and Amazon.

The complainant said she had been in contact with someone who was offering to sell kittens. The seller told her that there was a lot of interest in the kittens, and they needed a deposit to hold one.

The seller was told to send an Amazon gift card to an email address as a deposit. Once the buyer had sent a $280 gift card, the seller stopped communicating with them.

Oak Bay police say they reviewed all electronic correspondence between both parties and determined that they had both entered into a civil agreement for a deposit to be paid to hold the kitten.

The police are reminding residents to be cautious when making online purchases and to always “read the fine print” before entering into an agreement.

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