Thursday, February 22, 2024

Stephen Andrew wins seat on council in Victoria byelection


Former broadcaster and journalist Stephen Andrew has been elected to Victoria Council following a long-delayed byelection.

The byelection was held to replace former Councillor Laurel Collins, who resigned from her position when she was elected as a federal MP after serving less than a year on Victoria council.

Voting was delayed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and costs were expected to rise by over $350,000 as a result.

Andrew took home just over 56 per cent of the vote, with closest rival Stefanie Hardman of civic slate Together Victoria falling in a distant second with 30.7 per cent.

“Thank you very much Victoria I really appreciate your support and I will chat with you later overwhelming right now,” Andrew tweeted as the results showed him with an overwhelming lead.

None of the other nine candidates on the ballot took home more than 5 per cent of the vote.

Voter turnout was low, with only 17.5 per cent of the city’s 70,343 eligible voters casting a ballot in person or by mail.

Tim Ford
Tim Ford
Digital staff writer with Victoria Buzz

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