As the end of 2020 approaches, your feed is bound to be inundated by ‘year in review’s and ‘looking back’s. None will make you reach for the food delivery app quite like this one.

For their year-end review, HelloFresh, a meal-kit delivery company, took a look at what type of cuisine Canadians searched for the most this year.

By province, British Columbians had a hankering for Chinese food all year. According to the survey, BC residents searched for the cuisine 33,100 times per month on average.

This search was something we had in common with New Brunswick, whose residents also opted for Chinese food over all else.

When broken down by dishes, the top three Chinese food searches were chow mein, dim sum, and dumpling.

The most commonly searched cuisine across the country, though, was none other than Canadian food—interest for the national cuisine (poutine? beavertails?) spiked high in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

In these five provinces, ‘poutine’ was searched for 52,000 times per month!


The information, compiled by analyzing Google Trends data, further breaks the classification down by city, taking a look at what people in 20 major Canadian cities searched for this year.

The capital of British Columbia had a different preference from that of the rest of the province.

In Victoria, Mexican food was searched the most highly searched cuisine. This preference was matched in Vancouver, Halifax, Windsor, and London.


Three Mexican dishes we all craved the most were guacamole (no surprises there), quesadilla, and chorizo.

According to HelloFresh, other cuisines that ranked highly in their search index were French, Greek, and Indian.

Across the board, however, they found one dish to unite all provinces, searched for over 164,000 times per month: pizza!

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